My sunday morning prayer written on Tuesday morning just now!
please share if it frees you....
"oh so it seems "
lets trade,
and you get more then me
but we both win ,
and you get more then me
and i am happy and so are you
oh so it seems
and some times we brake the rules
so flow can happen
and no one is hurt
yet we both cheer
and i am happy and so are you
oh so it seems
as we got what we want
what we need
do you see the picture yet
is it clear
i hope so
it's only taken three years
to see beyond the stars
forget what was written in a book
to control or minds
our thoughts
to keep the herd together
in a fenced in field
what we don't need is an individual
that thinks outside the box
that ticks to a clock
thousands of years old
an indigo before his time
before his rhyme
before the climb
i've invested in you
i believed in your dream
don't try to stop mine again
cause what was written on a paper
or on a wall
or carved in stone
that would be a travesty
why bang your head against a wall
or hit your hand on an anvil
over and over
it's not a fantasy to dream
believe in me
and sail to where you want to go
anything you see is possible
if you can get over your rule
you find the wind to be free
and i am happy and so are you
oh so it seems
but you choose to fall instead of grow
thats not paradise
the spirits can do miracles
you can go to never never land
if you believe
1 plus 1 makes three
why not
in love it does
if the wind is right
sail to the end of the rainbow
i'll always love you
i share my dreams
thats what we live for
so will you bend
can you fly
let go of the chains
let the kite fly you into the sky
and i am happy and so are you
oh so it seems
ill hold you feel you
heel you
love you
i want to free you
from rules regulation that hold you down
the weight of ignorance
war hate blood
let go
flow it feels so
just so heavenly
and thats what you're searching for
with all your rules and regulations
and i am happy and so are you
oh so it seems
its easy like sunday morning
were they want you to be
what they want you to be
and i am happy and so are you
oh so it seems
you want to be free
let go
love i'll be there
to comfort you
when love is gone
i'll be holing on to you
and i am happy and so are you
oh so it seems

The chorus
The Blues
You choose
Take the bus east
Fall asleep
Day dream
Listen to the birds sing
How are you holding up
The low yellow
Or the purple high
Meditate create
One flower
Notice the tears
rolling off her pedals
It's August and I have snow
In my shoes
We choose
Faith is a fine invention
But I can reach for heaven
Or make every day my heaven
So the wise men tell me
Nature is what I see
A bird flew down from his tree
Whispered to me
In a deep soothing voice
Why do I love you sir
I said
Because you don't have to call me sir
And at that moment
All the clouds withdrew from the sky
We choose
Enlightening or misery
A door just opened on a street
A feather from a whippoorwill fell in my hand
Hope from the sky
From the house upon the high
A lane of yellow led the eye
Back to my favorite purple sky
I walk on the little road not man maid
The one I paved
That follows my dreams
We choose
A pedal or a thorn
Even prison can become a friend
So the savants say
A slash of blue
A sloop of Amber slips away within the soul
A secret
A single screw of flesh
A still volcano life
These words fall on my page
Free me from this cage
Never a slave
Cause every day I path

Type your paragraph here.

My affirmation

My dedication to my new destination my pathway to

I promise to be Strong,

I promise to be motivated,

dedicated, determined creative

loving caring, forgiving , patient

,,,,artistic euphoric metaphoric ,

I look past the stars,

Dance in the clouds

open to change ,

lift you up

make a difference

go the distance,

be patient, kind,

look for signs

cherish time

the rhythm makes the rhyme,

practice makes perfect

earn it learn it

know it show it flow it
The affirmation that leads me

to the pathway of salvation

determination to my new destination
I promise to be loyal

I promise to be sensible

sensual gentle


even bendable

Expect me to be different

moral ethical credible

flexible mythical
Sexual never analytical or political

I promise  to challenge pathetic laws  flaws take time to pause

and work for positive cause

It's time to commit with a higher greater intention!!

I promise to ignite take flight Chanel insight white light my internal transformation will celebrate

fire up and inspire a more beautiful powerful much awaited so deserved outward manifestation
Positive things are happening in my life

I promise to be in control heel my soul

I am worthy free and will sail threw the high seas

never with sickness or disease

I'm a healer never with despair

or a thought of getting stuck

depression is not a choice

I will rise above it

drink my creative juice

from my metaphoric cup

that overflows with luck

I will never be stuck

I promise my wings will sing

my heart will dance

my spirit only manifest love

in my spectrum of creative flow

I will sing through a storm

I have no fear

and nothing will hold me back

my determination and will reside in my happy pill

the calm energy my reverent responsibility

to my well of wellness

that inspires the fire in my life

that spreads my seeds of positivity

change I'm an alchemist

embracing every second

every priceless moment

in this blessing called life

were trust is a must

cause others decisions open doors

widen roads leading to pathways of artistic bliss

were every window and door have new ideas

with endless possibilities

that inspire every single piece of the puzzle

to find its right place

I never have to think

cause every time I blink

new light lifts me up

far beyond the place I've dreamed

and it moves me to a place of confidence

and welcomes excitement

and renewed certainty

commitment perseverance

focus courage decisiveness

and willingness to see

what my imagination couldn't imagine

and every impossibility was possible

and change and peace spread from hand to hand

and magic was in every grain of sand
This intention today inspired by my heart

of truth integrity and spirit

my faith exhilarates motivates captivates

a passion in me that navigates this uncontrollable energy

life force potivity high

octane fule

were miracles materialize in front of me

Lighting my desire

my energy of fire

to this magical impossible place of magnetism

and connection to these new agreements

directing me to the place I deserve to be

I am aware of my potential

and my unique qualities

that no one can take away from me

you may steal my things

but never my wings

accomplishments dreams

and intentions

my self esteem and self worth have an inner beauty passion and Strenght

that are planted in the soil

of my soul evolved of time gone by

the Stars the stairway to the sky

Thoughts words action
I am what I think
Practice makes perfect - work it
Manifest my intentions
I promise to use my words that benefit and cultivate my highest good
I promise to purify my thoughts
With my Sunday affirmation
Saturate my brain with intention
My wishful words will manifest my dreams
I am Instantly empowered
With this deep sense of reassurance and my wishful words will become my reality
My ambitions and my dreams that echo from my heart
And I transform this light
into art
I exercise my brain
With this honest positive affirmation I self improve
Rewrite my brain train it
To reveal the unseen
I raise my consciousness level of feel good hormones and form clusters of positive thoughts like stars in the night sky they sparkle and reflect threw my eyes
I promise to brake any habit of negative thought speech action
My art of spoken word
Will craft my future
I'm a teacher a preacher of spiritually my story's will inspire
Take me higher my voice my thoughts this process that I verbalize, these sound waves pierce threw the air that
Intangible and invisible arch way to infinity revealing a stairway to endless possibility that
Transcends all things
I speak my truth relinquish my fears purge my anger
I predict my own future and will exceed my potential
Cause I am the architect of my life I promise to build my foundation of dreams and my cup my magical castle will over flow with ideas and art that empowers me
My musical tell the story
Will give me the wings
I diverse everything I have worked for and dreamed about
I am beaming with energy
Overflowing with joy
My body is healthy I am mindful
Full of kind words from the one and only sky bird
My mind is brilliant
As I empty every single thought
And my soul is tranquil
I am thankful for ever second I live
I have been given endless talents
That I gallantly practice to reach the pinnacle of perfection
I forgive those who have tried to sabotage me in the past
Peacefully i detach from them
I am free happy
A river of compassion washed away any anger I have had
And I resonate with light that gives me insight that guides me to what I am suppose to do
Thank you spirit guide creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas
Happiness is a choice
Based on my own accomplishments and blessing I've been given
My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless
My potential to succeed infinite and this is affirmation Sunday
Written on Saturday in a color pallet of black and white revealing peace hope and light

So you want to do the write thing
Can you step outside your body and say
Would I put up with me
What kind of tone did I speak in today yesterday last week
Am I indigo am I walking in light
Do I want to fight argue
Was there a sparkle in my eye
Was there clarity and warmth in my soul in my voice
Was my spirit smiling
Did I say hello and lift a stranger
Out of the dark place
I recognized in his confused face
Was I afraid of his close cause they weren't like mine
Or the color of his or her skin
Or there religion
Or do I except their golden heart
And can I be happy for them
That there rich with in and pure not manicured but raw not like me
Is that ok there happy can you not be happy for them
celibate different and kind and thoughtful and generous not judgmental or even fundamental
Can I ask my self again
Did j judge anyone
Because they were not like me
Can I see beyond the stars
And under the ocean floor
Do I still dream or have I forgotten how
Do I still have a child like heart
Do I run for fun and still love art
Am I a hypocrite A democrat a republican
Or can I step outside a label
And just do the morel ethical positive sensible optimistic non political non analytical WRITE THING
Retire a rule or law that makes no sense and hurts me and my neighbor do your self a favor
Don't think today
Get out of your head
And into your heart
And pretend you were on a long
Winding dirt road
And the wind touched your face and it was perfect and the air you could taste and it was bitter sweet and every breath took you to a reel place of calm
And your head was in the clouds cause you were so high
From the nature and the sky
That filled you with a feeling
Of peace and clarity and sincerity
And it lifted you up and you began to sing about anything
And it made you feel so good
And you were alone
In this magical natural beautiful
Organic wonderland of filtered sunlight filtering threw the tall evergreens and the leaves and flowers and cinphoney of crickets and the hawk and the owl and the eagle all cough your eye and spoke a language that you recognized that of nature no sell phone rang no cars or Internet
your eyes and ears were in tune
To a familiar place that you forgot about
You take off your shoes and socks and throw them in the woods and the warm dirt road massages your manicured feet and a deer leaps across the road a raccoon scrapers up a tree and you sit by a brook and the cool water massages your tiered soul and you realize that this life
Is not about look at me but look inside me and do others ever get to see that because if they did they would realize that this stone is fluid like water and if given a chance could find a crack some were in your heart and slowly let a part of you in !Type your paragraph here.

And when the wind came
I let it all go
I sang this song
From the wolf to to sparrow
She flew away
I took the low road
You know the one
long and narrow
She picked the sky
and then she flew
Some how
the sparrow new
She was high
But I fell
But it's me that has a
story to tell

I'm the wolf
Your the sparrow
this is my story
Listen to my story

I'm the wolf
That learned to fly
It took forever
Do you know why

I was stubborn
did it my way
You can't Imagine
The mistakes along the byway
I got the scares
I got the wounds
That gave me the melody
And gave me the tunes

I'm the wolf
Your the sparrow
this is my story
Listen to my story

Do what i love
Love what i do
And everyday
Is something new
I live to love
And love to live
I realize that
Life is such a gift

I'm the wolf
Your the sparrow
this is my story
Listen to my story

i am moving on letting go of anything that doesn't lift me up
i am blessed to be on this earth healthy strong
able to here see feel
grateful for all that i have
thankful for all that i am
and all that is
i will sway, bend and flow in the storm
i am the calm the peace the breeze that makes me feel so alive
my positive artistic metaphoric thoughts
will manifest into works that inspire
i inhale love exhale love attract love create love
i believe in love dream of love, love truly
i love the destination
i love the journey to get there

life is a gift
I am so lucky to just exist
i was born to take chances, bend rules brake rules
i fall to fly
i get hurt cause i'm brave
and i'm better then i was yesterday
because i see what i can't see
and that makes me……………… a better me

Baby I here a voice inside
I have to fall
to try to fly
I live beyond the sky
See my dreams
I'll weave till the day I die
I sing I have to try

Yea yea blue stars of twilight cure this frustration yea yea
I see peace has long faded from this organic world that I'm coming from I see I see

2x chorus
That why I'm not afraid about being out numbered
pigeons flock together
Eagles fly alone

Baby I here a voice inside
Faith and strenght are my guides
I stand up for the ones who can't stand
lay my heart in there trembling hands
It's my spirit taught me to fly
Heel from the sorrow I feel
Only by love is life made reel
I see them standing with there flocks
Behind the bars and rusted locks
Those are the gulls that never fly
Those are the gulls that never try
Those are the Gulls that gossip
When I shriek

2x chorus
That why I'm not afraid about being out numbered
pigeons flock together
Eagles fly alone

I'll look in the face of the clock grab it's hand make it stop
That why I'm not afraid about being out numbered