No Easy Way

Verse 1:

There she was in downtown L.A.

Naked in her heels standing by the broken freight train

Looking at another day wondering how she’s gonna make her way

She hides behind her mask

As she drops her coat for the dollar

That’s the age-old game that she chose to play

Her family quit on her a long time ago

And so has our society… and finally, so has she


Trying to escape the past

That’s the game we all play

And it’s she time she learns

There’s no easy way


She’s searching for an answer

What she needs to realize

It’s always been with her

Buried deep inside

It’s what she needs most

The love she has to give

If she can find it for herself

She’s learned to live

She’s learned to live

Verse 2:

There she is again walking down the railroad tracks

Naked, with an old guitar in her hand

Telling me to ‘Fuck off’ as she flips me off so effortlessly

I’m beginning to understand

I think she’s mad and she ain’t comin’ back

Because she’s lying on the tracks

With her head so comfortably placed on her favorite old saddle

Waiting for the train to railroad her ass to hell

Or is she in hell, waiting to go to heaven

Or is she in heaven, waiting go to hell

I don’t know, and no-one seems to care

And that girl is makin’ tracks straight outta here

And goin’ somewhere, anywhere, anything to kill the pain