“Faith Street Corner Tavern” is the only full length movie that I know of that ever was attempted by a professional photographer who is also an accepted artist by being displayed in a number of Art Galleries on the US West Coast.  Also, David and his twin brother Peter were the principle Actors in a number of movies and co-stared in a number of other films. David shows his full repertory in FSCT with his singing and accompanying himself on the guitar on the thirty-five songs in the score of said film; unbelievably he was the composer of the lyrics and music of all of the songs! Fourteen of the songs will be available on a CD with or without the success of FSCT.   

With the above as background, this film should not be observed or judged on its content alone but as a true work of Art-actually in the same breath as a painting, wall hanging, sculptor/statue, hanging display etc., however, simultaneously in more then one Major Art Museum.  The film itself is an allegory that reveals the love and faith of a twin brother for his kin’s trials and tribulations caused by his misunderstood antics. If and when you watch the film, judge it more on its display of artistic beauty and use of film alliteration between action, lyric and music.  This is where the story in the film plays second fiddle to the ancillary content.

It is probably the first professional film ever that 99% of the film can be attributed to one person: the story, the costumes, the location, director, the picking of the cast of armature actors, the one man photographer and on and on to the finished project. David and his dog “Cowboy” also were actors while the camera stood alone doing its job!

In my estimation my son David accomplished something that Woody Allen almost did when he began, Bergman never tried but Disney accomplished within another venue, animated film which also  was a work of art.

Faith Street Corner Tavern