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Ignites the soul, softens the heart and opens the sky.

guitart = guitar art

I think I love singing and writing songs with my guitars more than anything else that I do, and I love vintage guitars.  So I went out and shot my guitars differently than you have seen before and I call this expose GUITART.

This is in my most artistic project to date. Working with this amazing artist for one full year, 52 photo shoots, 3000 images, all black and white film - no digital dance here. For now she chooses to stay anonymous.  Not to mention she took the whole project hostage.  

Graphic Novels

David Paul Design



*Foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger

            As you know, bodybuilding has been a passion and a path to my success.  David Paul has captured the essence of the sport and at the same time redefined it in a spectacular fashion in this book.  Raw power transformed to art – I love it. Good work, David.        

                                                                                                                                     ​Arnold  Schwarzenegger

Tell The Story is about a boy who is left at an orphanage at four years old.  His only memory that he came from a magical place where puppets and amimals danced and sang.  At eight years old, he runs away from the orphanage along with four puppets: a princess, a viking, an indian and a monkey and together they go in search of the castle where he believes he once lived.

The Water dance Series

Reverse paintings on glass, a popular technique from the turn of the century.  Paint is applied on the back of the glass so you are actually painting backwards.  Because I am dyslexic this came easy for me.  I take my photos and turn them into paintings. 


This book of 67 love songs  I wrote after Ryan and I parted ways.  Our romantic emotional roller coaster ride of a love affair that  blossomed with  poetic artistic images.  Guys and girls will relate and escape into the pages of this romantic book.  Coming soon...

My Taylor Guitar that was stolen out of my house in Topanga Canyon on Christmas Eve years ago.  If anyone has seen this guitar, please contact me. You can't miss its distinctive oil painting of the WOLF.  This was my first guitar so it means a lot to me.  -Thank you

postcards from the APOCALYPSE​​​

Winter 2013, I had the good fortune of landing in South Carolina where four year old Isabella and thirteen year old Madison worked with me to create a mountain of art I call Post Cards from the Apocalypse. Together we painted images that told a story of destruction and chaos but through art and nature these two young artists find peace and calm through the storm.  My Great Dane, Cowboy, came to me from Isabella's grandmother, Dianne Gwinn.  Diane helped me find locations once she learned what I liked; she was so helpful and a joy to work with.

faith street corner tavern

This film is finished and many are calling it a masterpiece but it does not follow any rules.  I put my heart and soul into this film.  It is not out, as it needs to be marketed correctly and needs money behind it.  Watch the teaser and trailer on the web site which by the way is just the tip of the iceberg.  Also you can listen to the sound bites on the website with visuals that did not make it into the film.

My dog Cowboy has got to be the most photographed dog of all times - see his journey.

Dr. Seuss for adults

I am a singer song writer and I write about life, it's up's its downs. My poetry my songs my art is my therapist it's what gets me  through the trials and tribulations,  the lows which then become my highs.  As at the end of the day all that matters is the art. 

Spirit ride

     This project was the journey of a little girl who was told by mother earth through an angel to follow the river and collect 3 doves from individuals that were on their life's journey when they understood what there purpose was they received a dove, meaning their peace, and gave it to the little girl.  She was then to return to ruins in a wooded area by a stream were a ancient foundation still stood, no walls, but windows still hung with paintings of each person that gave the little girl a dove though the window their story remain. I weaved these black and white and some color stills into an art film but was never able to finish what was in my mind but still it  stands on it's own in originality and depth.  You can buy the DVD by clicking the red button or purchase the art. 

​An avant-garde Artist and his Great Dane take you on a journey of color, light and sound through Vermont's spectacular 2014 foliage season.  Autumn Dance provides great meditative, soothing, calming, and healing energy to transport your body mind and spirit to a place within, turning you inside out.

This ground breaking story is a love project of mine, that I have changed the name to ...